Zero Universal is pleased to introduce MUSIC FROM SOURCE, which is the Music of the Infinite!  

Here you will find some exquisite music that is designed to align your consciousness to higher frequencies, which brings you into a more creative state. Our site also offers additional experiential media and we hope it will be a fun, easy and natural way for you to explore a universe of possibilities.

We invite you to discover and enjoy our deeply transformational expressions.  You can start by watching the video below - or visit our MUSIC offerings by clicking here or check out our insights & perspectives here or discover easy tips & tools to help your daily life here

Experience the graceful and loving vibrations of your inner self through this musical journey.  Each time you listen, this music begins to calibrate you with your Universal Being and the essence of all of Creation. 



Music by Frits Evelein

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Latest News!


Une série de cours en français : CRÉER UNE RELATION DE COUPLE EXTRAORDINAIRE ! 

Check out the new fantastic experiential movie "I AM THE UNIVERSE, I AM LOVE" .  The original music for this film, which is filled with multidimensional information, has been composed by Frits Evelein and Gordon Lent.  A truly transformational experience!


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